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I have been during 20 years the MUFON Representative for France, being, too, a FSR adviser, as a friend of Richard Hall, Gordon W. Creighton, Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos, Mimi Hynek, Lucius Farish, Walter Karl Bühler (SBEDV of Brazil). I have even translated the Tehran case in 1976 for the French GEPA of Paris (being in touch with René and Francine Fouéré since 1967). In the meantime, René Fouéré and me were members of the "Institut Métapsychique International" (Parapsychology/ESP study in France: "Revue Métapsychique"), too!



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Жан-Пьер Жирард: очень научный психический

Жан-Пьер Жирард: очень научный психический Jean-Pierre Girard: un psychique très scientifique Article sur Jean-Pierre Girard dans le n° 1 du Nexus russe.

Institut Jean-Pierre Girard Actus : Un article russe très documenté de 4 pages où il est même noté ma collaboration avec la CIA le KGB. Pas rancuniers nos ex-soviétiques!!. Sur ce lien vous avez la traduction en français du résumé de l'article et les 4 pages en cyrillique russe. "Жан-Пьер Жирард: очень научный психический" : Jean-Pierre Girard :un psychique très scientifique





This Wolf Messing memoir by Tatiana Lungin presents a revealing portrait of one of the greatest psychic performers of the 20th century. Lungin chronicles Messing's incredible life and career, and provides an inside look at psychic research behind the Iron Curtain. Born a Polish Jew, young Messing gained an international reputation as the world's greatest telepath while touring Europe together with the famous Busch Circus. In Vienna, Messing met Albert Einstein who brought him in contact with Sigmund Freud. In 1937, after Messing publicly predicted the downfall of the Third Reich, the Nazis placed a sizable bounty on his head. Wolf Messing miraculously escaped capture by the Gestapo and fled to Russia. In the USSR, Messing thrilled audiences in packed theaters across the country. Here he was in the Marxist society dominated by Joseph Stalin, the man who had officially abolished ESP, yet was intrigued by Wolf's abilities.









In 2004, an United States Air Force research project declassified a paper titled TELEPORTATION PHYSICS STUDY, authored by Eric Davis, Ph. D., showing that psychokinesis and other parapsychological phenomenon have been subject to rigorous research and documentation by several researchers and institutions.


It was first called QUANTUM TELEPORTATION, which is based on the well-known concept of QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT. ERWIN SCHRÖDINGER COINED THE WORD “ENTANGLEMENT” IN 1935 in a three-part paper :


[Schrödinger, E. (1935a), Die Naturwissenschaften, 48, 807 ;


Schrödinger, E. (1935b), Die Naturwissenschaften, 49, 823 ;


Schrödinger, E. (1935c), Die Naturwissenschaften, 49, 844 ;


Schrödinger, E. (1980), Proc. Am. Philos. Soc., 124, 323]


A paper published in the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) in September 1981, in the journal Ziran Zazhi (Nature Journal) titled “SOME EXPERIMENTS ON THE TRANSFER OF OBJECTS PERFORMED BY UNUSUAL ABILITIES OF THE HUMAN BODY” (Shuhuang et al., 1981) reported that ‘gifted children,’ were able to cause the teleportation of small, physical objects from one place to another.


In September 1981, an extraordinary paper was published in the PRC in the journal Ziran Zazhi (Nature Journal), and this paper was entitled, “Some Experiments on the Transfer of Objects Performed by Unusual Abilities of the Human Body” (Shuhuang et al., 1981). The paper reported that gifted children were able to cause the apparent teleportation of small objects (radio micro-transmitters, photosensitive paper, mechanical watches, horseflies, other insects, etc.) from one location to another (that was meters away) without them ever touching the objects beforehand. The experiments were operated under exceptionally wellcontrolled conditions (both blind and double-blind). The researchers involved included not only observers from various PRC colleges and medical research institutes, but also representatives from the PRC National Defense Science Commission. Because of the involvement of the latter, it was deemed necessary that an unclassified Intelligence Information Report be prepared by the DIA (see Shuhuang et al., 1981), which included a detailed English translation of the article : Shuhuang, L., et al. (1981), “Some Experiments on the Transfer of Objects Performed by Unusual Abilities of the Human Body,” Nature Journal (Peoples Republic of China), 4, no. 9, 652 [Defense Intelligence Agency Requirements and Validation Branch, DIA Translation LN731-83, Intelligence Information Report No. 6010511683 (1983)].







Jean Prieur, L'âme des animaux, Robert Laffont, 2001 et réédition augmentée 2007.

Quand un musicien se met à jouer du piano à une éléphante aveugle en Thaïlande

Quand un musicien se met à jouer du piano à une éléphante aveugle en Thaïlandeà-jouer-du-piano-à-une-éléphante-aveugle-en-thaïlande/vi-BBMHOGH




J'ai correspondu avec Emile Tizané !


Un commandant de gendarmerie.


I have corresponded with Emile Tizané !


He was Commander of gendarmerie.






Émile Tizané, Alexis Carrel, Maurice Maeterlinck, Gabriel Marcel, Le P J De Tonquédec,


SUR LA PISTE DE L'HOMME INCONNU, éditions Amiot-Dumont, 1951


True Stories of Doppelgangers


One of the most fascinating reports of a doppelganger comes from American writer Robert Dale Owen, who recounts the tale of a 32-year-old French woman named Emilie Sagée. She was a teacher at Pensionat von Neuwelcke, an exclusive girls' school near Wolmar in what is now Latvia.


One day in 1845, while Sagée was writing on the blackboard, her exact double appeared beside her. The doppelganger precisely copied the teacher's every move as she wrote, except that it did not hold any chalk. Thirteen students in the classroom witnessed the event.


During the next year, Sagee's doppelganger was seen several times.


The most astonishing instance of this took place in full view of the entire student body of 42 students on a summer day in 1846. As they sat at the long tables working, they could clearly see Sagée in the school's garden gathering flowers. When the teacher left the room to talk to the headmistress, Sagée's doppelganger appeared in her chair, while the real Sagée could still be seen in the garden. Two girls approached the phantom and tried to touch it, but felt an odd resistance in the air surrounding it. The image then slowly vanished.

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